Tilly Lockey

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Tilly Lockey


At 15-months old, Tilly Lockey was diagnosed with Menigococal Septicemia which meant she had to lose her hands, forearms, and toes to meningitis as a baby.

Developing state-of-the-art bionic arms with Open Bionics which she wears every day, Tilly Lockey has received a Humanitarian award in New York, won a talent competition, ‘Got What It Takes’ and has performed to an audience of 20,000 at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, all with a thriving online presence across all social platforms. 

Tilly Lockey speaks on her journey, the challenges she has faced and how she found confidence to want to achieve her dreams and beat any obstacle in her way. Far from only thinking of her own severe challenges in life, Tilly draws on the deep resources of her heroism as a woman who refuses to be held back or disadvantaged by physical disability.