Katie King

Author and Keynote Speaker, AI in Business

Generative AI, Marketing
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Katie King


Katie King, a London native, is a distinguished Author, Keynote Speaker, and Consultant specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative AI, and business transformation. Recognized as the premier AI strategist and a 'Top 10 influencer in AI' in 2023, Katie boasts over 30 years of consulting expertise across diverse sectors. She has graced prestigious stages with two TEDx talks and is a sought-after speaker worldwide. Katie's impactful contributions extend to her published works; her latest book, "AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing," released by Kogan Page in January 2022, underscores her prowess in bridging marketing, sales, and customer experience. Her pioneering first book, "Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing," translated into multiple languages, is a seminal reference listed in the World Economic Forum's Empowering AI Leadership toolkit.