Andy Torbet

BBC TV, Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged, Presenter

Sports, Celebrity
ESG and Sustainability, Academic
Andy Torbet


Andy Torbet is a versatile extreme sportsman, explorer, filmmaker, and presenter, excelling in deep diving, skydiving, and outdoor activities. His TV career features 18 series on channels like BBC1, BBC2, Discovery US, and History. He's authored articles for major publications, including his standout book "Extreme Adventures." Andy's movie stunts include "No Time To Die" in James Bond. He co-developed CBBC's "Beyond Bionic," highlighting animal abilities through engineering. Recent co-presentations include "Titanic's Tragic Twin" and "Britain's Ancient Capital," alongside contributions to "The One Show" and "Coast." His YouTube involvement in "Fully Charged" reflects an interest in electric vehicles and renewable energy. A former Diver, Paratrooper, and Bomb Disposal Officer, his underwater explorations, climbing, mountaineering, and kayaking accomplishments showcase his diverse skills. As a charity patron and brand ambassador, Andy's exploration spirit remains at the core of his pursuits.