Ayo Sokale

TV Presenter and Keynote Speaker, RIVA Media

ESG and Sustainability, Motivation
Diversity & Inclusion, Diversity
Ayo Sokale


BBC Presenter, Civil Engineer and a leading keynote speaker in her field - Ayo Sokale possesses an array of talents and expertise, working at the cutting edge of the scientific, environmental and media landscape. Ayo is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Project Team Manager for the Environment Agency in Eastern England and is a popular Keynote Speaker on the environment and sustainability. Ayo was selected as one of Professor Lord Robert Mair's Future Leaders for his year as President of the ICE. She is one of the ICE's Water Superheroes aptly named Eco Warrior (previously Angel) and is an excellent Motivational speaker and Inspirational Speaker, particularly when it comes to inspiring young people to pursue STEM subjects.