Rufy Ghazi

Product Operations, Keakie Music

Music, Data and Analytics
Strategy, Community
Rufy Ghazi


Rufy Anam Ghazi, originally from an Engineering & Management background, is a seasoned music business professional. Throughout her career, she has excelled in various roles within the Music Business, demonstrating a results-driven mindset.

What sets Rufy apart is her unwavering passion for data analysis, strategy, research, and music tech innovation. Rufy actively collaborates with organisations to develop strategies and products and has a keen interest in unearthing insights and trends in the music industry. With an extensive network and global perspective, Rufy has successfully facilitated collaborations and partnerships with international artists, labels, and organisations.

Her multi-faceted background allows her to have a holistic understanding of the industry, ensuring a well-rounded approach to every project she undertakes. Driven by her passion for music and her ability to overcome challenges, Rufy is dedicated to continuous learning and growth.