Yankho Kaimila

Clinical Nutritionist/ Public Health Educator at Nutrition Wellness Center, Nutrition Wellness Center

Scientist, Academics
Corporate Consulting, Corporate Consulting
Yankho Kaimila


Dr. Yankho is a seasoned public health nutritionist and educator with a rich background spanning over 12 years, focusing on academic and research endeavors. Holding a PhD in Public Health Nutrition, he is a registered clinical nutritionist with the Medical Council of Malawi. Specializing in the prevention and management of nutrition-related conditions, Dr. Yankho tailors corporate nutrition programs to each organization's culture, emphasizing education and incorporating the latest research findings. His primary interest lies in the epidemiology, prevention, and management of malnutrition, particularly dietary-related non-communicable diseases. Dr. Yankho's broader pursuits include developing sustainable dietary assessment tools for African communities, contextualized corporate nutrition programs, and understanding body composition and exercise physiology in relation to health outcomes.