Joshua Morris

Founder, speaker, entrepreneur, and adventurer at The Progression Group, The Progression Group
Culture, Adventure
Team Building, Team Building
Joshua Morris


Josh is an engaging keynote speaker and entrepreneur with a pivotal role as the lead international team coordinator in the 2018 Thai Cave Rescue. As the founder and CEO of The Progression Group, he leads a diverse team to champion sustainable and conscious business practices. An accomplished adventurer, Josh's leadership in the Tham Luang Cave Rescue showcases his ability to navigate extreme challenges, and something which he shares with this audiences. Known for his dynamic speaking style, Josh excels in bridging cultural divides, enhancing team performance, and fostering personal and professional growth. He inspires audiences by drawing parallels between adventure and business, advocating for a progressive approach to leadership and environmental stewardship. Josh's keynotes are not only informative but also deeply motivating, pushing individuals towards a more enlightened and conscious future.