Brent Hafele

Head Coach and President, Vibrancy Unlocked

Leadership and Management | Leadership, Coaching, Team Building

Brent Hafele


Over his career, Brent led in the number one or number two role in multiple businesses and nonprofits on the local, national, and international level. As a consultant and coach, he walked with hundreds of CEOs and other senior leaders. He knows the joy and the stress, the excitement and the loneliness, the blessing and the curse of leading organizations. He has witnessed it, and lived it.

The work world can too easily strip away our humanity with expectations that prevent you from being you. Given the chance, it will challenge your values, divide your family, and leave you beat up. There are few things he loves more than supporting a leader press into the next season.

It is his joy to walk with you toward vibrancy. To listen. To Question. To Strategize. To Encourage. To Celebrate. Bring on the real and the raw. Let’s get to work.

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