Jenni Miller

Director, Management Dynamics

Team Building, Leadership
Coaching, Coaching
Jenni Miller


With a vision to change the way businesses operate, Jenni and her team at Management Dynamics work with leaders and teams in FTSE 500 companies to help transform company culture and create differentiated performance.

Jenni has developed a blueprint for success about how the greatest leaders, teams and organisations think, act, and communicate. She is fascinated by the people and organisations that make a great, lasting impact on the world and she is renowned for her unshakable pragmatism and ability to create performance through people.

She is an author of "Leading Edge: Strategies for developing and sustaining high-performing teams" and a world class team coach, working with teams at some of the globe's most successful organisations.

Her recent clients have included: Pandora, PepsiCo, ING, ITV, NATO, DHL, Twinings, Astra Zeneca and Thames Water