Mary Tabata

Principal Coach, Phinishing Strong, LLC

Leadership and Management | Women Business Leaders, Organisational Development, Emotional Intelligence

Mary Tabata


With over 10 years of experience in higher education and nonprofit management, Mary is a passionate and skilled Principal Coach at Phinishing Strong LLC, a company that provides coaching, consulting, and development services for individuals and teams. She leverages her MBA, MS, and PhD in Organizational Leadership to help her clients navigate complex and dynamic situations, develop authentic and effective leadership styles, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Mary has a proven track record of leading and facilitating organizational change processes, strategic planning, and leadership development initiatives for various organizations. She has also held executive leadership positions on boards and committees, where she contributed to policy and structure changes that supported organizational design and utilizing human resources. As a lifelong learner and educator, Mary also teaches, researches, and publishes on topics related to leadership, organizational behavior, mentoring, and women in leadership.