Raj Adgopul

Head of Operations, uTalk Challenge India

Motivation, Emotional Intelligence
Motivation, Inspirational Stories
Raj Adgopul


Raj was born in a village in Central India, raised in an unsettled environment, and had a childhood full of adversities. Despite the many setbacks Raj managed to get out of his village, completed his nursing training, and paved the way to sustain himself in Mumbai for over 4 yrs. For those 4yrs he lived in a room with 23 other people with a personal space of just 6 feet by 3 feet. The years in Mumbai set him up for life and helped him achieve a mindset of unshakeable resilience. Raj arrived in England in 2002 with a few pounds in his pocket but went on to complete a degree and postgraduate in early years child Psychology, start a family, and more recently, through his desire to share his learnings and work his way up to the O2 stage in London where he gave his Tedx Talk in front of 1000+ audience.