Lauren E Miller

Corporate Training & Leadership Development | Master Sherpa Executive Coach | SME Stress Management | Adult Education | ICF-PCC, Grab and Go Stress Solutions, LLC

Leadership and Management | Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Development

Lauren E Miller


Lauren E Miller, M.Ed, MSC, ICF-PCC

As a stress relief expert, award winning author, motivational speaker, HRD trainer, Edge God In podcast host, and certified executive and life coach, Lauren facilitates fun process driven programs with guidance, support and accountability creating positive sustainable behavioral change in business and personal life.

Lauren has worked in youth and adult ministries for over 30 years. Through God’s mercy, grace and strength, she uses her experience simultaneously conquering two of life's top stressors: cancer and divorce to help others destress and successfully move through challenges.

Lauren holds a Masters in Adult Education with a Certification in Human Resources Development | Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Basic & Master Certification | Faculty Shift Leadership Training | Master Sherpa Executive Coach (MSC) and ICF Certification PCC | 2nd degree blackbelt World Tae Kwon Do