Karen Kwong

Director & Founder, Ren Organisational Consulting Ltd

Leadership, Emotional Wellbeing
Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment
Karen Kwong


Karen Kwong, is a Human Catalyst who coaches and facilitates in leadership, performance, growth, business psychology, and well-being.  She founded RenOC, leveraging her prior experience as a head of trading at a prominent UK fund manager to prioritise people as an organisation's most valuable asset.

With a Masters in Organizational Psychology and an ICF PCC, Karen champions personal growth and psychological fitness as catalysts for exceptional leadership and healthier relationships.  Her clients range from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs, spanning industries such as finance, pharmaceuticals, and technology

Karen's mission is to empower individuals and organisations to thrive by cultivating a culture of continuous growth in today's competitive landscape.  She delivers coaching, facilitates workshops, and speaks on topics like executive performance, personal growth, resilience, and stress management.

‘There is nothing “soft” about soft skills.  In fact, if used well, it can be the most powerful force in your arsenal’