Emmanuel Gobillot

Global Speaker, Consultant and Author/Co- Author of 9 bestselling books, Emmanuel Gobillot limited

Leadership, Author
Innovation, Thought Leader
Emmanuel Gobillot


One of Europe’s most sought after leadership speakers, Emmanuel Gobillot is the author of the best-selling book The Connected Leader published in 2007. The book has been described by one reviewer as “the first leadership book for the MySpace generation.” Emmanuel is currently working on his next book researching and mapping out innovation networks. In 2007 he created Emmanuel Gobillot Limited as a way to concentrate on his writing and speaking career whilst developing best in class solutions with world class with clients. Emmanuel has worked with organizations as varied as the BBC, Philips, BT, ITV and The UN to develop their senior executive capability and make their organizations more effective. His work in leadership development, innovation, growth and culture change facilitation has been used by organizations such as Zurich Insurance and Carlsberg.